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On Various Issues you can share your

Ideas /suggestions with:


Ž Hon’ble Prime Minister of India

Ž Hon’ble Chief  Minister of your state

Ž Political Parties

Ž Election Commission of India





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Since 26 January, 2015

Connecting People to Leaders.



Since 26 January 2016

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NOTE: Republic India Only Connect People to Leaders, We Collect Creative Ideas / Suggestions and send them to Leaders / Related Department. 

They (Leaders / Ministry / Department) are Independent for Taking an action on your Creative Ideas / Suggestions.


Once you Submitted your Ideas / Suggestions on website. You will Receive a confirmation  mail form Republic India. It will Include a Copy of your suggestions.

One Copy of your Suggestion will be share with Hon’ble Leaders OR Related Ministry / Minister OR Related Department and Officers of Department (Like Chief secretary, Addl. Secretary, Joint Secretary etc).



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